Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Or is there a Ki-Blast? The other day I was teaching a new class a series of qigong exercises. The majority of the students had already been practicing yoga for a number of years and it was, I sensed time to ‘open’ them to the concept of qi as I intuitively sensed the lesson would be well received.

After a good 45 minutes we were all enjoying the calming and refreshing state that washed over us with each student experiencing the sensations associated with this wonderful substance. Some commented on the tingling sensation whilst others felt heat or sensed they were ‘glowing’ and vibrating. We played with balls between our hands as I discussed in layman’s terms just what qi is and how it affects us. Then I decided to get them performing the un-bendable arm as personally I see it as a great way to get people to ‘feel’ what it is and eliminate any previous doubts they may have.

I won’t go into how this exercise is performed as I’m sure the more seasoned practitioners here all know. What I would like to comment on is something that made a lot of sense to me that night.

That night I realised where the whole Ki-blast, fire ball phenomena came from. It came from our minds. You see, it’s very important during the early stages of training to visualise the qi and then direct its flow. When performing the unbendable arm I tell people to ‘project’ or ‘attach/connect’ their qi from their hand to the back wall or some solid object. I tell them that some people ‘see’ water and some people fire, some see air. This of course helps to make the exercise work.

So for all those out there reading this little thread I have just revealed the secret of real Ki-blasts. All the fire balls, water jets, air blasts are simply what people were visualising when they tried to project their qi. Of course you cannot create a physical fireball in your hand nor can you breathe out through your palm, but the thought of doing so helps to direct the qi.

Interestingly everyone had a different visualisation. One pictured roots growing out from her palm to the back wall another a stream of fire. On another level I wondered if perhaps these were hints of the ‘elements’ controlling/influencing them at that time; wood and fire. (Thinking of it now was one persons ‘wood’ thought fuelling the others ‘fire’ and if so perhaps this is where psychic blasts comes into play?)

I was asked what I visualised and I had to think about it because its such a common thing these days. But I describe it as seeing that sort of heat haze that rises from a hot surface. All the comics, cartoons etcetera that cause kids to come on here and enquire (though often preach) about ki-blasts are merely relaying what it is we actually think. Would you not agree?


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