Kempoman, I'm still fairly new here, and I might be out of place saying this.. But I just don't see how you can take the same questions over and over again,

-how do you fire a ki ball, how do you levitate things, my friend can do this and that- is it ki, what is store near me that I can buy a lightsaber at?????

I feel sorry for many of the kids who come here and claim so many things, or ask those kinds of questions and get flamed. I'm starting to feel more sorry for you and the 5 or so informed people that have to answer time and time again.

May I suggest going to the
Message board into the supplement section and check out the "stickies" and forum rules at the top of the page. These guys are pretty effective at cutting through all the crap. Something similar could be used here to cut down your workload.

I have a couple of suggestions for rules of the board myself..

-must do a search before asking a question
-new topics must be specific-(not "ki energy")

Don't worry, My ego isn't so big that I think I can just pop my head in here and start cleanig house, I'm just feeling semi-anal and also getting sympathy moderator pains.