[QUOTE]Originally posted by Captain Jack:
HAhahaha whoa reiki, get the moderators **** outta ur mouth before u speak. Uz such a **** up to da guy. Im not defendin da ppl who say that they do ki, i think its a load of bullshit and these ppl needa lay of the acid, but u critisize everything they say, they aint hurting nobody, let them believe that theyre goku and w/e else they want. [/QUOTE]

Listen up you little bag of vomit. If there is anyone of this forum that I will not tolerate any flaming of any kind...it is Reiki. As Lane has said she is valued member of this community and you are just some little scared, pimply faced jerk with a very bad case of 'penis envy'. This is your one and only warning about this kind of post. If you wanted my attention...YOU'VE GOT IT.

Post very carefully.

Until then...why don't you just go **** on a dead dog's nose.

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