Funny thing is Reiki isn't the only one who responded to the thread in this fashion. So why are you singling her out? Reiki has made many helpful contributions to the forum. Have you? She has given good advise to people, who IMO should be spending less time with the cartoons and more time with a legit instructor, when most people would have just made fun of them. What contribution to the forum have you made? Other than chastising a valuable member of this board. You haven't made a single productive post on this entire forum. Go back to school, learn how to spell, form a proper sentence and learn some paragraph structure. Slang isnít very welcome here. If you have any useful knowledge to impart please do so (highly doubtful), if not take your **** out of your mouth and take a long walk on a short pier.

Ignorance is bliss and patience is a virtue. I guess you would have a great life if you were stupid and didnít mind waiting around.

Enjoy your dreams.

Sorry Scott.