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What do you all think of this?

I have had a painful neck fo the past three weeks. It started in a small area on the left hand side at the back.

When it started, I pretty much ignored it and expected it to go away the way many aches and pains picked up in training do. I was reluctant to see a doctor because in my experience he would have prescribed painkillers and told me to rest. I don't like either but was careful not to cause further damage to my neck.

It got progressively worse and by Wednesday this week the pain had spread down to my shoulder and up to my head. I could not sleep at all Wednesday night and by Thursday morning, the pain was actually making me feel sick.

I had arranged to train with Bossman on Friday morning at his kind invitation and went along but told him about my neck problem.

After training, whilst we were talking and arranging our next session he put his hands on my neck (because he is a Reiki master, not because I was crap, he is very patient [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/biggrin.gif[/IMG]). He identified the source of the pain and continued with his hands for literally a few minutes. I told him that I was seeing a doctor the next day and he said if it was as bad next week, he would give me a full Reiki treatment if I wanted. It felt slightly better but I resolved to see my doctor today.

I slept like a log last night and woke this morning with full range of motion in my neck and no pain at all! I cancelled the doctor's appointment.

I am not saying it was the Reiki, I know next to nothing about it or indeed any of the energy arts, but the improvement is amazing.

what do you all think?


The neck is linked to the throat and this is linked to emotional life,any attitudes manifest itself in stiff neck, reluctance to seek advice from doctor, painkillers and rest. Needs to learn to relax and use own mind to heal not painkillers for rest as this would only hide emotional cause. The key word is rest "troubled mind" from you previous post it all makes sense "afraid to see doctor" "painkillers" the energy arts is emotional health. This can manifest itself into physical "fears" and symptoms of stiff neck. Learn about the energy arts emotional health and all this would not be a mystery, will power alone cannot heal emotions.