Hi Ender

Thought you and your opinions were dead and buried. A few points:

"See, you'd think that if this stuff REALLY existed, people would show off, right? So how can it exist, right?

WOW, like I, and other people who know this stuff works, DIDNT think about this."

You don't show it off. No, instead you just spout about it on a forum. This way you can say anything you like without having to prove anything.

"Energy application can only come when you have true peace of mind and have emptied yourself of all the psychological junk that goes with life."

A typical statement that can never be proven. From your recent posts though, you appear to have more psycological junk than most, so goodness knows how you could even attempt energy application, given your own rules.

"At this point, your ego is cleansed, and when the ego is cleansed, why would you ever want to show off?"

It's nothing to do with showing off. It's simply to prove that what you say exists, does.

"Not to mention, would you really want every person out there rushing to the nearest internal art dojo seeking this kind of "power" for all the wrong reasons? I think not. Most people are too skeptical to even look in to it, or even pick up a book, before shutting it down."

What a cop-out. Your suggestions that only the "right kind" of people should have your type of knowledge is as transparent as the ninja threads currently on this site.

You have yet again put forward a series of statements that are ambiguous, unprovable, and totally lacking in any justification.

I hope in the future you'll have something worthwhile to say.