Perhaps I can actually answer your question. The reason the water is not vibrating very much is probably due to the fact that your chi/ki is not developed highly yet. Practice constant meditation, and you will see progress, though I also suggest finding a good Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Pa Gua, or Rei Ki teacher. There is a large difference between feeling and circulating your energy, and actually being able to dispel it.

Also, As far as theory about whether or not its BS...Think what you want, I know what Ive seen. Ive watched as my Sensei flicked his wrist and a candle was blown out in the same instant, and propelling very weighty opponents with almost no effort, using a mere palm push. Ive also felt the energy inside myself. So, be skeptical, its fine, I don't hold it against you. I invite you even to laugh at me. If you really want the truth about Chi/Ki, heres some advice...Pick up a book, and find a qualified teacher.

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