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Someone do something amazing with their ki? Such as move objects?...I mean in the dojo.[/QUOTE]

The university police chief was not an impressive-looking fellow. He taught a generic "kung fu" class and I dropped in. I had a lot of Japanese martial arts experience and considered him and his students to look rather "floppy" and not sharp and crisp, like the the Japanese stylists. I did find some of the techniques pretty interesting, but overall, lacking.

Well, the instructor must have noticed. He had us fold up a folding mat and stand it on end, with four people holding it. I was on the left side, behind another guy, pushing into his back. The smallish, roundish police chief did a rather sloppy looking jump kick, which I thought looked rather like a chicken.

But when he kicked the mat, I came off my feet and went up and back about five feet, landing softly upright. It felt like being in water in an inner tube and having a large wave pick you up and move you some distance: soft yet huge and absolutely irresistable.

I've never forgotten it.

Also, I've been thrown in aikinage by an aikido master. This is where he throws you without "touching" you--either with or without your grabbing him. In this case, I grabbed him and, with my own grip while I was resisting, he threw me spectacularly. No other teacher has ever done that to me. I've done a few aikinage "by accident" in over 33 years of martial arts and I've popped a guy up and across a hallway without meaning to while doing chi sao "sticking hands" from tai chi.

So I've seen it, felt it, had it done to me and I've done it a few times "accidentally" in over three decades.

I don't believe in throwing or striking people from a distance. I don't believe in "ki balls" or "ki blasts," though both of these seem to be exaggerations of "kiai," which I know to be real.