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Last night I tried meditation for the first time and I got a weird feeling. It felt like i was floating and I was spinning in my mind. I guess thats how it felt. It's hard to explain. Well I was wondering if that feeling is normal or was I doing it wrong.[/QUOTE]

In the past I've experienced the feeling of weightless-ness and sometimes couldn't feel how and where my hands and arms were whilst meditating. I think this is when your body is in almost complete relaxed mode. I've also experienced dizziness and a slight spinning similar to what you mentioned but I can't explain this. One possibility could be that your not breathing enough to get oxygen into your system? The dizziness has since passed with me and I no longer experience it during meditation.

All I can say is to keep practising and I believe these things will disappear once you've become more accustomed to meditating.

Hope this helps!

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