Gilgamesh-san, i haven't read much, actually i haven't read anything about this reiki at all. i just thought i would inform you that in order to heal someone, you have to know HOW to. by this i mean: the body has meridians in which energy flows through. a disrubtion from a disease, or someone (a fighting) can disrupt the flow of the energy. you have to know which way and how the energy flows, you also need to know the all the orgins its associated with, in order to heal someone. as far as i know, thats the only way to heal someone with your "ki" or energy.

this is a simple post that may save you a lot of time in the future. if you dont believe me, search google for the key word "dim-mak" that means death strike, or touch of death. there are 2 sides to "dim-mak" there is the distroying and healing. you can imagine what both do. anyways, read about the healing, if you want to heal people, you might want to take that approach to healing.