I completely agree, hence the reason i suggested some actual training. The only difference between training at home and in a school is the lack of intercommunication between student and teacher. If you have already aquired the basics, learning from a video is ok, and only ok, you will never become a master and my green sashses could probably win in a fight, regardless of how long you study at home. Home study is only meant as a facilitator, it can help, but it is not complete. No one could ever get even their first dregree balck sash without a live test, meaning no correspondence no tapes. Our tests are a very long ordeal, consisting of demonstrating your knowledge of each basic technique apprx. 160 strikes kicks and blocks 100 unarmed self defense combinations, and 50 more against armed opponents while you are unarmed, and 14 advanced forms, one weapons form, and then after all that, you get to take on five Blacksashes for five minutes, without getting knocked out or losing. You cannot train for this with our videos, you need to train in a school or you will never make it, the average test takes about 8 hours