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does somebody know how to teach yourself a martial art at home because i have no $ to spend on a program. [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/frown.gif[/IMG][/QUOTE]

THE ANSWER IS YES YOU CAN. You can do karate katas with perfection, you can buy bjj and grappling videotapes and books form experts, if i were you i would go to shootfighting.com and get the package where you actually get a certificate to teach shootfighting, you can get the exercises from aikido and hapkido. you can stretch. You can shadow box. You can do 900 push ups in ten minutes. you can run like 15 miles a day. You can learn knife fighting with books and videotapes. You can use a broom for a bo stick, you can do extensive research on the different styles and how to fight and win, You can do a thousand sit ups a day. You can buy books from all the martial arts. YOu can watch martial arts flicks all day and pick up tips. You can go out to local bars and test out your skills against opponents. You can go to dojos and martial arts clubs and challenge senseis and students to test you skills out. YOu can enter grappling and striking tounaments to teszt you skills out too. You can spend 24/7 making yourself into a full rounded fighter who can beat anyone. You can also raise your pain tolerance by putting youself through massive pain. You can make youself a real weapon. SO have fun making youself a dangerous, tough guy.