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The part of the foot you mentioned is called the instep. I tend to use the instep kick more in sparring because i am not very tall and if I hit with the shin kick I am in punching range.[/QUOTE]
TO proporly execute the shin kick correctly you have to be able to jab the target. When you do kick you should, if you miss, make a 360. If they move their front leg then your foot should hook their back leg if you are close enough. This kick will infilt trama to the knee. It will also make the leg go numb. Some people can't walk on their feet for a few days after a good shin kick. This kick is used in many japanese martial arts but is used heavaly in Kick Boxing. Another good thing, if your shins are well conditioned, then you can block the shin kick by taking your back leg and kicking at their shin. IF they haven't trained enough they will not kick again and it will possibly break their shin. I also find that you can put more of your hips behind a shin kick making it more powerful.