I am a regular channel operator in #martial, an Internet Relay Chat channel on Undernet. Recently, we had a discussion about the pros and cons of teaching beginners advanced applications of kata. When I first started, we learned that a downblock was a downblock. Later, I learned that it could be a strike, an arm break, a take-down, etc. One of the people in the conversation said that it is not a downblock at all. He asked why anyone would block with just the ulna bone. I disagree with this idea because a person should not block with the outside of the arm but with the top of the arm and then use the twisting motion (clockwise with the left hand) to add a deflection type of force (much like what happens when you try to put a piece of paper onto a spinning top). The fold for this block should be with the hand by the opposite ear with the palm to your face. By blocking this way, you are using both bones which makes for a stronger block. What do y'all think?