Laf7773-After reading some posts made by Tordeques please ensure that this single minded boy never posts again.

It would do him some good to listen to other people's thoughts.

Tordeques- You are an insperation for me,of what not to become. I hope I never become even half as arrogant as you. You sound like a clever guy, its a pity you are so stuck up your own arse.

Could it be that you are afraid to debate like normal people due to fear of being proven wrong?

For if you insult people to the point at which they either agree or don't respond then
you can't 'lose' the debate can you?

But ultimtaely you have truely lost because the very point of debating is to shair your thoughts/knowledge/opinion and increase your own knowledge, don't be afraid to have a real dabate where you may read/hear writings/words that may change your opinion.

Tolerance and openmindedness - MiSt

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