I also posted this in streangthing cuz i want as much feedback as i can get lol.

OK heres the thing. For about a week now I have been getting these pains in my calves and sometimes in my arms. The more active I am the more I feel the pain. Also I hear that most people get them from ages 8-12 but im almost 16 years old. (tho i am kinda small for my age..mabe im a late bloomer? lol)
Anyway its really starting to piss me off cuz Im really into my bjj and going to the gym but this is keeping me away from it. I also hear that when u get these pains if u wanna get big its the best time to start eating alot.

Well basiclly i really wanna get back into the gym and I wanna know if any of u have had this experiance and how long the pains were around for.

Aghh its just really making me angry I feel so bored all the time without a workout.

I would reallyy like some feedback thanks