Ok.. I was weighing 193 now im weighing 166 now. I'm 5'6 and stop weight lifting but i run at the gym. I do 30 min 4 or 5 times a week running. Burn about 400 calories at the gym. In the morning i drink a banna mix with skimmilk and oatmeal about two cups of that. During lunch ill eat a sandwhich with a fruit and 24 oz water or ill just eat a fruit salad. Type of bread is brown bread. Then ill eat some nuts about 1/4 they have sugar on it. I'll before 6:00pm. My dinner will be either fruit or veggies with a piece of chicken cooked with olive oil and i always have 8-10 cups of water. The thing is im 5'6 and weigh 160 but i still have this fatt on my chest ROAR.... and my stomach still has fat but.. some of it did go away.. ill send you a picture just to see what i mean.. Any suggestions? Thanks!~