I was in fuji ryu ju jitsu two years ago,I left for two reasons 1. my back started to have pains which still some time come back... 2. My will to learn martial arts must not have been strong since I stopped going.(I'm planning to go back) But anyways back then i didn't do anything to overstress my back(I'm 13 right now) I don't know what cuased my back pains...then last year i started to do weight training.... i wasn't using bars just dumbbells... but my sister says i overdoing them so i slowed down. Well anyways in school I do any extra curricular thing that has to do with weights or pylometrics. But anyways I was wondering if anyone knew what could of cuased my back pains.
PS: My dad and my sister say it's bad posture. And as of today i still get the pains back once in a awhile.