Hello Everyone,
Those of you who are starting an exercise program or are already in a training
schedule.Should definitely look into cleansing your system out.This will not only
make you feel better but will aid you in making better gains.
Let's say for example: you have been traing for two months and your progression
seems to be very slow.This is the natural course your body will take until you have cleaned your system out.
Now, if you had flushed out your system
at the very beginning your progress would of been at alot faster pace.
Trying to build up your body and cleanse your system at the same time is not
only hard on you,but also very hard on your system and bad for your health.I would suggest trying some herbs and natural type foods to clean out your body of all the waste material it stores up inside of us.
First I would say to utilize Ginseng,
this aids in sleep for better recuperation,
it helps stabilize the nervous system.And any of you know who have worked out really hard, how the hands start to shake.This is because the nervous system has been taxed.Ginseng also helps a number of other things but I will stick to these two properties I have mentioned.
Next, I would like to talk to you
about Garlic,this one aids in cleansing the body, especially the blood in which it helps to remove Cholesterol,it also helps to clean the kidneys of unwanted waste.
Now, I will come to the subject of
Vinegar.This here helps a number of things
but we are generally interested in it's cleansing properties.It has an overall cleaning affect of the entire system.
If you have any questions as to how one would go about using these,I will be more than happy to help.
Your Brother in the Arts