it might not kill you, but you sure aren't gonna be going anywhere under your own power any time soon. Breaking the neck is kind of a misnomer- - you don't actually break any bones. . .the neck is part of the spine and has the same structure- - roughly circular bones sandwiched between layers of cartiledge, all surrounding the spinal cord. This tunnel of bone and cartiledge gives support so that the spinal cord doesn't get injured. Breaking the neck just means that a link -- either cart or bone, is severed giving greater range of motion to that area. Problem is that if you move outside of the normal range of motion, you're probably gonna pinch, tear, or break your spinal cord. Depending on where the spinal cord breaks determines what happens to you. If you break it above the nerve pathways for the heart/lungs/etc, you die. If you break it below, you paralyze something.