Yeah, because they are not being used in a purely military sense. I think it's unfair to use people who are better at and better of killing people, as peace officers.

I think what I said was said in WW2 about commandos.....

It makes a lot of sens with taking prisoners. I am not very PC, and think of 18th century rules, like march at gunpoint, get out of line and you get shot and die. But I would lose intelligence this way, no doubt.

I don't know about the Haitian. Maybe *you* needed a disincentive such as death to allow the proper feeding of the US forces? Perhaps more would come if they the only punishment would be a armbar and dressing down by a military Governor?

The team tactics make sense, given what I have seen from the latest war, re combat in Nasiriyah and handling prisoners.

A true martial art then. I like the name of this website, as karate is more of a fighting art, the last time it was used effectively in the martial sense is sometime in China before there were guns, and kung fu was taught to the military as part of weapons training, alongside strategy.

But what about bayonetting? I have heard that it was still done as late as the Falklands? Did you use the ring on a stick and fencing outfits for this type of training.