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In my mind bunkai is purely an excercise is intellectual study..

Kata is still somewhat of a training tool but one you can entirely do without.

It's more a living history now than a necessity to learn karate.

I believe kata evolved because of the way training was conducted in the ''olden days'' masters often did not see a single student more than once a month or even less so having a set routine of movements to strengthen the body and mimic the movement of techniques was for its time an excellent training tool

This is so far from the truth that I felt the need to comment on it.

All martial arts have some form of kata. Yes, Even MMA.. a kata is a series of movements & could be short or long. Teaching an arm bar (juji gatame) requires showing the form, demonstrating then teaching how to apply it. Before the age of information many didn't know how to read or write and if you did, that probably wasn't the best way to remember what you were taught. Just like the wheel or the mouse trap, Kata in reference to MA is the best tool for remembering and cataloging strategy and technique. It's why Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, Kempo, Boxing, MMA, Quan Fa and every other arts in existence as some form of kata.

Some keep kata short like Boxing, Jujistu, Judo, MMA, others long like Karate, Quan fa (wushu) Kempo.

It's the respected art's focus on their kata's application that makes that art what it is.

This post is pointing to various MA's lack of focus on the intent of their kata.. which is totally different.

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