Gedan Barai (lower level sweep)

all about context...

Just after a few go around's one would quickly come to the conclusion that a gedan barai against a mawashi geri, is extremely impractical.

The most practical in a "sporting context" is to either use ma ai (distance control) and hyosh (timming) and the lower extremities to block

Yet, we are talking about Karate.

Two reason why a round kick/mawashi geri in traditional karate didn't exist. A) it doesn't check the forward momentum of the opponent. In a self defense scenario the opponent soaks up the damage and presses forward. B) A mawashi geri/round kick is quite vulnerable to a timed counter of a mae geri keage to the groin/center mass. (think using a mae geri as a block with the rear leg.. when the opponent kicks, one counters with a mae geri to the groin.) Fully and totally non sportsman like...that's why many don't comprehend this. People just don't train this technique... but you bet karate ka of old did... that's why mawshi geri/round kick wasn't in traditional karate.

What counters a front kick/Mae geri? Oh.. a gedan berai. (yes correct ma ai and hyosh needs to be used... and one doesn't use their elbow joint to block the kick due to the angle of the sweep. ) However...Gedan Barai in kata isn't just a low sweep it represents many applications.

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