I have trained in Shotokan (JKA) for the past several years and reached brown belt (3rd kyu). I'm not interested in sports karate, but this is the trend of many dojos today and only increases at brown belt level, so I have been thinking about making a switch in order to maintain my interest and to reduce chances of injury as I have had my share during the course of training.

I have come across two local dojos that do not have this sports interest but i don't know which direction to head.

One is an SKA dojo. I have looked at it, and the Shotokan is quite different from JKA as it is essentially pre-JKA Shotokan as Funakoshi taught it. Does anyone have experience with this organization's form of Shotokan? The movements seem lighter and less robust, but katas have a different "look" than JkA-style katas. Also, it seems like a rather strict organization because "special trainings" are considered mandatory (at least a certain number of them) and if someone leaves early they are actually kicked out of the SKA (this is on the SKA website). I wondered why the strictness.

As a second option, I found a Seito Shito Ryu dojo that focuses more on bunkai though it still includes kumite, but emphasis is on kata and related bunkai. Does anyone have experience with this form of karate? Also, how easy is the switch from Shotokan to Shito Ryu? Is bunkai more difficult to study than the focus on free sparring that occurs in the sports karate schools?

Any feedback would be appreciated.