First thing first keep it simple and defend yourself with minimum effort and with maximum affect. Let us look at this grab from the rear. He has grabbed her from the rear but both the girl’s hands are still free, she can now carry out a series of proven techniques – (1) she can stamp down very hard on his Instep or foot which would result in a lot of pain and possible dislocation of bones. (2) Followed by 1, 2 or 3 hard blows against his side ribs or Solar Plexus with her right elbow either could cause disrupting breathing or unconsciousness. (3) With her right hand she grabs hold of one of his fingers and as she forces back his single finger she turns towards him, gives him a swift kick to his knee, releases his finger and runs away from the sight.
Sadly in my 40 years of the study of Self-defense I have never seen a girl or young lady throwing herself in the in the air, now if someone did attempt that chances are that brute that held her would more than likely assist her by slamming her down on to the ground and then kicking her to death – no ladies don’t ever try it.
Andy LA