*Learn to generate more power by focusing on mastery of body mechanics. Learn how to leverage your full weight in your power attacks.
*Leverage modern training equipment (heavy bag, punching/grappling dummy, focus mitts, etc) to accelerate and maximize power development.
*Train to increase your movement speed. Power equals speed x weight. A faster fighter is potentially a more explosive fighter.
*Get stronger through resistance training. Science has proven that a stronger fighter is faster and more powerful.
*Develop power weapons for all fighting ranges in order to maximize knockout and submission proficiency. Cross-train in different combat systems.
*Spar full-contact regularly so that you can learn how to use (and counter) power in a real fight/bout.
*Train with a partner who is stronger and more powerful to accelerate your progress.
*Become a student of combat power by studying the most effective knockout and submission artists. This will increase your power IQ.

Excerpted from Power Training for Combat, MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, and Self-Defense (Amazon).
“Train Hard. Win Easy.“