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You come from the home of the Helicopter Kancho - Founder of GoKan Ryu (Kan Go Roo)

We may live in the same country but we have nothing in common.

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Some valid points, no one is saying Full Contact is a be all and end all for "realistic" sparring etc but this is (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhcuYjLiZos) .

I have never heard of Kudo before but Kudos to you for showing it smile.

My question is, realistic for what? Self defence, sport? If you look closely you will find that the striking in the video is about 95% attack, there is very little in the way of defence. Whether or not that is just in the highlights or the whole art is that way is another question that would require some research. Nice spinning heel kick at 1:50.

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May I ask what School and experience you are coming from that validates you points (note this is just to ascertain how your conclusions to your excellent post is configured)?

I come from Rhee TKD, which teaches the original self defence version of TKD, before any of the sporting elements were added. I have nearly 27 years of experience. We don't do a lot of videos but here are some that are on YouTube:


Not our usual type of demonstration:


Some rare contact sparring one of our instructors did for a charity event.


A little more information on the last video:


Hi Can you look at the post on the Sine Wave and respond as you're a TKD'ist?

Also there's not many Original TKD schools about they tend to be dare I say "belt factories" or focused on getting people into the Olympics etc. for me TKD WAS one of the best arts outthere. Is your style from WTF or ITF thanks
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