Russian Combat Seminar in Barcelona

The Systema School Berne/Zurich/Basle,
operated by instructors Reto Albertini and Priska Pfetzer,
is pleased to announce a weeklong seminar with
Mikhail Stepyrev in Barcelona

Dates:May 4th-10th,2014

Mikhail Stepyrev
Mikhail, a survival training and close quarters combat instructor, graduated from the Ryazan Airborne School followed by service in the anti-terror unit. Mikhail has trained in a variety of martial arts for over 20 years. Since 1991 he has been involved in the training and further education of instructors who teach the Russian martial art Systema.

Training programme
Defence against armed and unarmed attacks
Survival tactics in stress situations
Professional use and application of a weapon in critical situations
Use of space when under attack
Developing awareness and perception of space
Ground work: maintaining control of opponent
Physiological and psychological principles
Ideas and tips and a programme for training when at home

No previous martial art background is requiered

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