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You need to register as a Not for Profit Organisation.

Make sure that the School is a stand alone organisation and you and the other "Staff" are listed as volunteers. I'm not sure about the US but in the UK it means that The school is not liable as a whole for any taxes due, just for income into its own account. any out of pocket expenses by volunteers I believe are concidered and are acknowledge by any tax returns etc on the individual not thew school.

It's quite complex but if you have people who can assist Free of Charge with setting this up.

First thing is a Bank Account in the clubs name with more than 1 signatory. (this could mean every payment cheque needs 2 signatures to process - thus protecting the little money there is and preventing unnecessary payments of "advertising" etc)

Wish you luck my friend

?there is no school. Or are you speaking of structure I teach out of? I'm against being listed as a volunteer because as a volunteer I have less a can write off on taxes personally. As an employee I can write off any seminars and my own fees that I pay my instructors.