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Full contact karate practioner beaten badly in prison by a fellow inmate:


Of course doing full contact karate doesn't make someone Superman. The Royce Gracie fight also shows how badly a full contact karate fighter can be caught out by a grappler too.

Totally agree, I'm not saying that Knockdown Karate is the be all and end all, just a little more prepared for taking hits. Grapplers fight on a different plane and grapplers realised that when the Strikers learnt a bit of ground/grappling skills it meant that they had to learn striking skills too to bring the "game" back to a fairer plane.

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I certainly would not describe full contact practioners as "Neanderthals". I would question why they spar they way they spar and how much sense is applied to it vs how much is machoism. I would also question the belief this makes them better than other karate-ka.

I wouldn't say we are "Macho" some of the most humble Karateka are Kyokushin and knckdown karateka

Most Okinawan and Kyokushin based Karateka do fight/spar to more harder levels but the other extreme is Go Kan Ryu or Choi Kwang Do where its all none contact - do recall the first time you got hit, did you freeze or did you go "OK that's just like in training"

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I may be wrong, but didn't the founder of Ashihara Karate leave Oyama because in part he felt that Kyokushin Karate with rock 'em sock'em style favoured larger, more powerful fighters? Didn't he at least try and introduce more evasion in Kumite?

That's correct but slightly different he wanted to give the new guys and smaller guys the ability to still give as much as they got but with the ability to use sabaki thus being able to strike and attack reducing the taking of hits on the way in - normally Sabaki isn't taught to anyone below Black belt in most karate schools

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The question I would also ask is why do you care what other people think? If people are ignorant about what you are doing, that's their problem. I've never considered using martial arts as an affectation to impress people. Just do your own thing and don't worry about what other people think. Whatever pastime you do, there will always be a queue of people who don't understand it. Just spend time with people who enjoy what you enjoy and get what it's all about.

I'm playing devils advocate here I know! Just to keep some discussion going on FA forums. It's a good topic.

I care because I get fed up with being tarred with the same brush by people who don't know any different. but once they've made the decision that Karate is a soft art and doesn't work, you can't change their minds UNTIL they start seeing changes on the Mat and TV etc
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