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Again though, why is that someone who pulls a strike and screams any less able to defend themselves?

Someone on the forums a few years back posted a news story about a teenage girl from Denver who successfully defended herself from a man who tried to assault her.

There was of course the clips of the BBC reporter who defended himself against someone who was trying to attack him. Videos are still on YouTube.

Both of those incidents involved people who studied "light contact" karate if memory serves. I wonder sometimes if the idea that self defence = full contact training is more to do with machoism than any real understanding of the massive amount of variables that come in to play in self defence situations

A point could be made that arts like Kyokushin and Muay Thai generally employ a rock 'em sock 'em mentality where combatants simply stand toe to toe until one person falls over. The "bouncy bouncy" WKF style of karate or Olympic TKD employ a much more mobile approach to fighting, where a lot of emphasis is also on evasion of blows. What approach offers the best chance of not getting hit?

It's an honour to discuss this topic with you Prizewriter.

With regards to what you say, I agree there are some good and effective martial artists on this circuit but very few. most of them are unable to work outside the Dojo, Mat or Ring. If one prcatices "NON-CONTACT" martial arts then how does one "HIT" someoene without breaking one's hand or wrist or ankle etc. At least with Kyokushin, as you refer to us a "Neanderthals of Karate" we use are natural instincts to know how to hit properly without damage to ourselves because we actually "HIT" humans which is differrent from hitting a bag.
We may "slog it out" on the Mat and punch and Kick till someone drops but we do practice Sabaki and kuzushi in the Dojo and in Ashihara and Enshin we do apply our Kata properly if you remember Brad (Butterfly). Also I've never heard of a "KYOKUSHIN black belt being assaulted" or an Ashihara or Enshin or Daito Juku either, but I have heard of WKF etc blackbelts being assaulted etc. And we Neanderthals get tarred with the same brush as we are Karateka too. But if you look at most of the Okinawan styles like Goju Ryu Shorin Ryu Shuri Ryu Uechi Ryu etc they practice Kumite sparing the same way as Kyokushin. Its the event of Japanses Karate and the JKA etc that caused the downfall of Karate wit the bouncy bouncy. TKD olympic style is concidered as the boys game of martial arts around the world and many martial artists from OTHER systems like Jujitsu and MMA concider Karate as the weaker/softer martial arts and we can't change their opinion of that unless we change what people concider as proper kumite.
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