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When I teach and that's maybe why I'm so different is that I teach as per my ethos "Karate for the streets not just for Trophies"

Who said those 2 things have to be mutually exclusive? I know plenty of "sports" fighters who could kick ass in a fight outside of a bar or in a car park. In fact I posted a collection of "sports" fighters on YouTube in real life altercations. They all did pretty well.

Ask yourself this: would you really want to get into a street fight with a Kyokushin national champion? Or heck, even a WKF world kumite champion?

Well as per my ethos "...........not JUST for trophies"

I have no qualms with fighters competing in competitions as long as they are more realistic in context, the Shonbu Sanbon and the Shonbu Nihon are not as realistic, with the one strike one kill ruling, as they should be. the fighters are more focused on pulling the strike back and screaming than they are in actually giving a strike that would IF full contact do some damamge. Kyokushin and Knockdown Karate do compete in many knockdown tournes around the world. But this type of comeptition is one of the best testing grounds apart from the ring or the cage.
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