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Why would people "fix" karate when MMA is so readily available now? If people want hard training, trying to re-invent the wheel in a Karate class would be much harder work that going "Screw this, lets go do MMA".

Very interesting point. Worthy of a thread in itself. I think this has been a big trend in the last 10-12 years. A sort of ‘plug the wrestling/ground fighting hole’ karate/tkd/kickboxing.

I understand the thinking, but not sure if it is a best way forward? Interesting.

Some good points aplant. I think it comes down, as always, to what a person wants. If they simply want to become proficient at fighting then MMA may be a faster and more rounded way than a lot of TMA. There are other reasons to train though and I,m not sure if MMA is always the answer.

I disagree with Dobbersky that MMA will get watered down. The common issue Karate and MMA have is money. In karate, the big money is in having a large school(s) with lots of students who show up regularly. With MMA attendance is also helpful, but a lot of money can be made producing successful fighters who earn millions of dollars. This can lead to other revenue streams for gyms, such as hosting seminars, releasing DVDs, affiliations etc..... As long as there is big money in full contact MMA, the training won't change much.

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