In the blog the author describes things the several things that will happen if you leave (or in this case ‘diss’) karate:

1) Accused of having no honour:
But are you going to change anything about it......... No you're not, because you still believe your stuff is brilliant because you got a wall of trophies in your McDojo.

I don't like it at all. YOU ALL need to sort out the organisations by telling them you want Karate to be more effective

2) Accused of having a bad sensei:
its the way its been taught

Karate is being wasted with the instruction its receiving at present

3) Accused on inferior style:
McDojo's so I have to be labelled the same because the average person can not differentiate between styles

I hate it when people say "oh Karate doesn't work" Jujitsu is much better and why because the only experience they have is Sport Karate and JKA JKF and the other "modern Orgs" where Semi and non contact is the trend.

Karate is being wasted …It's becoming akin to WTF

4) Accused of McDojo
He's trained at McDojo's so…

Dobbersky, apologies if this is over critical of your post. This is a topic I find interesting and an area where my opinion has shifted over the years. A few more points I’ll pick up.

McDojo that teaches below standard martial arts

The fact of the matter is that there are NO standards.
Another MAist might walk in on any of our training and call it substandard.

You wrote:
author has an opinion which in many cases isn't supported with any real evidence.

I actually think that the author makes a good argument, admittedly his evidence is mostly from personal experience so is limited.

I would also point out that claims you make have similarly little evidence. One claim that I never really found strong evidence for is similar to your:

Ole Skool Karate regardless of style was as tough and as hard as it came. It WAS street effective and we did grab and grapple and go to the ground and "wrestle" as well as other waza


Why would people "fix" karate when MMA is so readily available now? If people want hard training, trying to re-invent the wheel in a Karate class would be much harder work that going "Screw this, lets go do MMA".

Very interesting point. Worthy of a thread in itself. I think this has been a big trend in the last 10-12 years. A sort of ‘plug the wrestling/ground fighting hole’ karate/tkd/kickboxing.

I understand the thinking, but not sure if it is a best way forward? Interesting.