I remember back in late 1980s, when I was about 15, I watched a martial arts movie (I think it was Chinese, made in Hong Kong or Taiwan) with a group of other people. I don’t remember title of the movie or its plot, but I still remember some fighting scenes from it. One scene I vividly remember is when a main hero, who is a ‘good guy’ and great young martial arts fighter, is simultaneously attacked by two or more other people – ‘bad guys’. One of the attackers grabbed the fighter’ arms from behind so that the fighter seemed in serious trouble. However, the ‘good guy’ managed to loosen the grip, pull his right arm forward and ram his elbow sharply and strongly into the attacker’s midsection, looked like into his solar plexus, several times. He then turned to the attacker and delivered several hard and accurate punches into his solar plexus. Then for very short amount of time (like maybe 10 seconds) the focus of the movie shifts to the fighter dealing with other attackers. Then it shifts back to the attacker who received multiple severe blows in the solar plexus. The attacker was shown still standing with his face very contorted and with his hands clutching his midsection. Then, after a few seconds he collapses to the ground dead. At least one of the other attackers was also killed with solar plexus strikes by the fighter. Then, upon seeing what happened, one of the remaining attackers runs away from facing the fighter.
Overall, the movie seemed laden with lethal strikes to the solar plexus – not only by the main fighter but by others too. There were some young ladies involved – I think the fighter was to rescue them from captivity where they were held by ‘bad guys’ or something like that. There was also some revenge involved for death of the fighter’s friend or something. But as I said, I don’t remember the plot and these details are very fuzzy in my head now. But when watching this movie I thought to myself: “This guy (the main hero) is a solar plexus hunter”. I don’t know who the actor was – but I think it may not have been Bruce Lee. It could have been some of his clones or imitators or someone else entirely.
Any ideas what movie is it? Note that since I watched it in late 1980s it has to have been made before that.