Read the Link and the responses

It angers me that quite a lot of what he said and others who responded to the Blog is true. But its nothing to do wth the "Style" its the way its been taught.

Ole Skool Karate regardless of style was as tough and as hard as it came. It WAS street effective and we did grab and grapple and go to the ground and "wrestle" as well as other waza. But Sports Karate with the Typy Tappy bouncy bouncy scream and shout stuff with this "one strike one kill" theory that just doesn't work!!!! It was proved in the early UFC matches that the "pure" karateka was useless against a grappler because they refused to acknowledge ne waza etc due to the incite of Sports Karate. I blame YOU for what the world thinks about Karate, unfortunately We Knockdown are tarnished with the same brush as you guys.

I hate it when people say "oh Karate doesn't work" Jujitsu is much better and why because the only experience they have is Sport Karate and JKA JKF and the other "modern Orgs" where Semi and non contact is the trend.

But are you going to change anything about it......... No you're not, because you still believe your stuff is brilliant because you got a wall of trophies in your McDojo.

I don't like it at all. YOU ALL need to sort out the organisations by telling them you want Karate to be more effective or vote with you Membership by leaving and joining an Orgnaisation that does Want Karate to be what it used to be.

Johnny's mother has won, she wanted Johnny to be a 10 year old 3rd Dan but without getting a bruise or having to fight for real against other black belts etc. Its become a product to make profit from not an art which is taught to few who can survive the training.

MMA is very popular and they do hit and they hit hard and they grapple and everything else that is not allowed in Karate. stop being pretend black belts and do something to change what the world thinks of Karate

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