So far no answers. sigh
Our instructor has branched out into Kumi Jo, the Jo vs. Bokken combination I mentioned last August.
Apparently there are eight sets of paired action, each longer and more complicated that the last. He is well versed in both sides, but as he is the only person we know familiar with the Bokken side, the Jo side is lacking a decent "visible" target.
I guess patience is the only answer.
Currently I am battling it out with the #11 move combo of the third set:

You've got your opponent worried.
You rise from a low block NE (#10) to stand facing him with your Jo E-W at waist.
With your right foot, step CW due S and bring up the N Jo end to block his move.
Let go your left hand. Pivot your right wrist swinging the Jo CCW down, back and
vertical, where you catch the butt with your left hand. Shift right grip thumb up.

#12 you strike down on his head. #13 You bring the Jo tip CW under his weapon and thrust. You win.

It sure would help if I only knew just where he was.