I think its been almost a year since my last post, but who knows, time just goes so fast anymore. But when I logged on and saw this video I just had to put something up! I just about wet myself laughing so hard! Bad enough it was a 5th Dan test but if you listen close enough you can hear the instructor call out 6th Dan's for the pattern. The guy that made me laugh the most was the older guy that was squeeeezed in to his dobok.

He had maybe 2" of belt left after it was tied, and the top must have been his very first when he started training. He wasn't fat, just had out grown the uniform., The form (if that's what it was) reminded me of the old days when each student at the end of class had to take a cloth and on our hands and knee's dust down the dojang floor as fast as we could.Looked very similar.

Thanks for the laugh!