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Interesting read.....however I would be remiss if I didn't point out that it really does not help you out to build up "your" art by running down other peoples arts or other people for that matter.

I happen to be Scottish (in part) --and the argument could be made the entire basis for the modern world was developed by Scottish engineers and scientists. Cell phones, the computer you used to make this post etc.

But making a long detailed post on the ethnic background of say Lord Kelvin is hardly helpful to anyone.

You want to discuss the pro's and con's of a specific art then more power to you.

But you need more support than just what is essentially "so and so knocked out a kung fu guy."

I could just as easily say--and it would be just as WRONG--that "no "Mongolian" has ever won a UFC title."

Proves nothing.

does UFC represent all types of martial arts competitions? UFC champions are pretty good but nowhere near the best. heaps of UFC champions got their asses kicked in Japan. check the following link