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Sorry, was in a rush earlier!

The key phrase in Mr Cartmell's excellent article is this I think:

"The external martial arts, although engaging the body as a whole in generating power sequentially, do not use the body in a complete unit as do the internal martial arts. "


So to answer your original question Ken, I would ask do you feel that your current training develops unified whole body power rather than using the whole body to sequentially generate power?

Thanks for the reponse.
I would say almost, I'm generating power from the floor upwards, Feeling the technique all the way through to the end

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And do you feel you are training your nervous system to develop sensitivity to generate unified body power?

I would say yes as it is moving with the technique as if it was one with the technique or one with the opponent.

I can stand, sit or lie down and practice Kata, and as I practice my body twitches as I go through the kata as if my body s doing the technique for real
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