Sorry, was in a rush earlier!

The key phrase in Mr Cartmell's excellent article is this I think:

"The external martial arts, although engaging the body as a whole in generating power sequentially, do not use the body in a complete unit as do the internal martial arts. "


"The sequence of training in external martial arts also differs in purpose. In the early stages of training, external martial arts place greater emphasis on increasing strength and endurance as the "raw material" to be refined later into precise technique. Whereas the goal of internal style stance training is to train the nervous system into the feeling of a unified body, the external martial artist stands to increase the strength, endurance and flexibility."

So to answer your original question Ken, I would ask do you feel that your current training develops unified whole body power rather than using the whole body to sequentially generate power? And do you feel you are training your nervous system to develop sensitivity to generate unified body power?

If the answer is "no" or "I'm not sure" to either or both questions, chances are you are not doing your art internally, at least in the Neijia understanding of internal. You might feel the movements come more easily to you, or you can relax more in order to get the same result you use to work hard for, but that isn't necessarily internal.
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