I decided to ressurect this thread out of sheer boredom while af drill. Now that my zombification is explained, Luta Livre wasn't actually just No-Gi BJJ but was mainly Catch Wrestling fused with Amateur wrestling and I believe Judo. of course constant fighting, and eventually crosstraining with BJJ created a lot of parallels in terms of technique and positions but it started as a separate art based mostly on Catch Wrestling. Luta Livre grew amongst the poorer classes of people initially who couldn't even afford to train in BJJ so at first it was it's own system. Some modern schools are still very different. It involves much more wrestling, leg locks which BJJ got from Luta Livre and neck cranks and those techniques at all levels. It also involved a very aggressive and athletic submission oriented style. Carlson Gracie BJJ actually looks like it a lot because those guys were some of the first to break from the original BJJ style and cross train. Later a lot of LL guys went to BJJ schools probably because that's where the money was but they did that much later. Cacareco was a LL guy when he began and he beat Werdum in ADCC and Filho in a LL vs. BJJ tournament. You see much better takedowns and top game and a more aggressive and simplistic guard game with LL but less technical escapes from bottom positions (watch Eugenio Tadeu vs. Renzo Gracie to see what I mean).
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