Stop in from time to time and see that FA has been pretty quiet. This place is not like the old days when it was hopping. Thought I'd throw up a post as has been a years since posting here.

I'm still working out but it hasn't been as intense. This has been because I changed careers but I have started to up things again and am wanting to get back to the results I had before. Do to training for my new career I had lost a great deal of weight as I spent more time doing cardio and zero on lifting. Now that I am focused on lifting again I am pumped to get back to my old self.

I'm 3 weeks into my workout called Madcow which I had done prior to my training and had some great results. The results I had prior I was getting back to some of my older lifting weights. With me being in my 40's and doing that, it makes me feel good. When I am done this 12 week program I should be back to squatting and dead lifting over 400 and benching over 300 (1RM). I just have to keep positive and motivated; which I have done for 16 years.

Hope everybody that had visited here in the past is still keeping up with things and are seeing the results they want. I used to spend a lot of time here and did my share of moderating; so this place has some fond memories. Sad that it isn't active like it used to but everything has a life span. Take care all.