I saw on YouTube an attempt of a series of Self Defence Techniques as part of a "training programme" as detailed above but thought to myself I'd have a better chance fighting out of a paper bag.

They tend to have unrealistic hand/wrist grips or and defences where they are so "Dojoesque" you know they wouldn't work if the "attacker" put the smallest amount of resistance into the defence.

I won't add it here as we've all seen them and could probably relate to similar "videos"

One thing I can say is that Bruce Tegner, although a little outdated does have some seriously good defences describes in his books.
Also I've got a few books on Self Defence that I would rate awesome, as well as other books that I consider it as Karate/Jujitsu/Judo in jeans.

What we need to realise is Dojo stuff only works 1-5% of the time the rest doesn't.

Good topic and some excellent responses so far
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