Terry James here. Mike young was one of my first students, I taught him until June of 1974 when I went to college in Kansas City. He was a very good student, and one of my best friends, along with Lindsey Turner,(not sure of the spelling). My brother trained with me and has reminded me that the story of Eugue-Ryu is that Kensenzu Yamaeugue who was trained in old style Japanese Jujutsu, went to Korea and trained in Korean arts, and from that developed Eugue-Ryu. I learned from Mr Oscar Adams in Lima Ohio, and followed him to Kenton Ohio for a short time where in October of 1972 I received my Shodan. The class before, Mr Adams kicked off his sandals and proceeded to mop the floor with me, this included Judo throws and sweeps with no mats. I did get in a few good shots according to what Mr Adams told my parents, and even opened up one of his ears that had been plugged up.

Later I was told to take his class at the Lima YMCA, and I did. I then realized he meant from then on. Mr young was in my first class, and was his instructor until June of 74.

I started KC,K Parks and Recreation's martial Arts program at one point in Kansas City, Kansas. Cortney and Brittany Williams were students. Mr Steve Williams was there every class and decided he would try it and loved it. We became best friends, and had a standing invitation to dinner at his house from then on. He was a very good student who helped teach and later followed me to our own dojo on Osage Ave. We remained a presence in the centers as well until I left for Baytown, Texas leaving him a brown belt. There was a third party that took over the school at that point.

Mr Williams later told me he went to Ohio to get his Black Belt. He had by then taken over the teaching of any other students that became Black Belts in the Kansas City area. I hope this clears the air for some and all. Kyotesuke! Rei! Class dismissed.

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