What is Kyusho:

A: Kyusho translates as “Vital Point”, these are the anatomical structures in the body that allows the practitioner to tap into the brain, nervous system and physiology of the body.

Kyusho Jitsu, also called dim mak in Chinese systems, is the science of vital points in Martial Arts and Healing practices. We have removed the mystery, confusion, and non-essential information in order to make this an easy system to apply to your Martial Art or Healing practice.

Pressure points for self defence is using the nerves to our advantage, in simple terms it's the body'e way of monitoring the body's condition, Pain, hot, cold or if an organ is in good condition.

I was quite surprised by 2 things.

-Firstly lots of these places seem to be selling kyusho as an ‘add on’ to your current system.

-Secondly, the lack of the words ki, chi, meridian or similar.

I would be interested to know what if anyone on the forum could give their definition, or comment on the above.

I feel that the mysticism is still just below the surface on these sites (I tried to only use respectable sites). The terminology of ‘tap in to the brain’, ‘dim mak and healing’ ‘monitoring if an organ is in good condition’ certainly hint at this IMO.