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We do it for speed, timing, reflexes and endurance. Its just another drill for improving punching. And another reason why no one can match boxers at punching lol

VEEERY old post. It sort of petered off without much more discussion. My fault mostly, since I started it, and my main point of contention was never answered to my satisfaction. So, in the recent spirit of fomenting discussion, I'm gonna do a Lazarus on it, and resurrect it from the dead.
Gonna pick up where it left off: Yeah, but I don't see where "punching" the speed bag the way boxers do improves technique. I've never seen a boxer (anyone, actually) punch that way other than with the speed bag. The why is obvious. So wouldn't it be better all around to hit the speed bag as close to how one would do it while fighting? THAT WAY you're certainly improving your real world punching technique and its speed, and still benefitting timing, endurance and reflexes. So why do it the "funny horizontal hammer fist" way (see the first post on this thread, if that last confused you).
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