I think the ask ANY question in the newbies section is a great idea.

When I used to come here everyday I was afraid to ask a question for a number of reasons.

It all seemed so high-brow and with little skill for writing it can be hard for some people to express what they mean (though I did want to learn so read a lot).

There appeared to be zero tolerance for typos, spelling. grammar (too much pressure to perform IMO).

Its nice to see this welcome and relaxed post for newbies.
When someone has a question to ask because they have burning ambition/curiosity for their new-found MA the last thing they want IMO is to trail through old/dead posts from the past when their passion is newfound and full of excitement.

I mean who wants to ask granddad about physical romance? No one.
Advice and opinion needs to be alive..to keep interest alive.
Even if it involves pasting the same link over and over again, at least the individual feels the response has been made to them and their needs met.

I`m not rushing for once so hope there is clarity in what I say.
I`ve found in the past that I spent too much time analysing my answers. deleting them. leaving. Because it was all too daunting.

As we get older we can become jaded, intolerant and impatient when the opposite is needed. Especially in these times of fast fixes and lots of competition (as every dojo has its website).

I used to live and breathe for my class and then afterwards for FA.com. This place was a hive of activity and could be once again...

I usually edit to edit my typos, spelling, grammar etc.
This edit is to say I haven't - sorry if lack of commas jar the eye!

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Those are my principles, and if you don`t like them...well, I have others.