Respect is a two-way street.
I have had the opportunity to be a student in three different aikido dojo.

Six years with an instructor who drilled the techniques as listed in the test form.
I truly learned in the muscle memory sense of the word.
A certain attack and aikido "happened" (I loved it) ( He moved on )

13 years with a "traditional" instructor who demonstrated endless variations,
It was our job as students to figure out how these variations were related.
He came highly recommended. After 4 years I gave up hope of learning
anything but patience.
His was the only truly "Good" school in town. I still go there for the camaraderie.

Three years now at a quality dojo with a quality instructor. He explains the moves and sticks with the student until each is able to perform the technique.

I wish I had had the choice when I started in 1994 and that I had understood the various differences in theories of instruction.

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