Yes Aplant, the cowering in the corner was an example in the hope of getting a thread started.
Personally I could not learn in a dojo where I have no respect from my instructor. I would lose interest very soon and move on.

As it stands I have lost some of his interest but know that I can pull this back by keeping a low profile and working hard.

I agree with you re training elsewhere is not disrespectful (as long as they are two different styles) but the issue here is that my original teacher offered me a free pass unaware that I was spending (albeit is a very small amount of) money elsewhere. I totally understand how that is wrong.

I love the old school story of students waiting outside!

The only story I have regarding required loyalty in the extreme is about my first (mc)dojo.
Our sensei started to award preference to members who joined the church that he had become a part of.
He lost over 10 members in one day with a mass walkout - thankfully I was away already and didn't have to witness that.

In response to his actions (there were many issues about quick belt awards in return for unpaid work) a few members set up an anti- mcdojo website to warn others...

Surely there should be a tv drama based in a mcdojo. Would beat the hell outta some of the stuff shown on Tv!
Those are my principles, and if you don`t like them...well, I have others.